Pedagogical practice:

My teaching approach is rooted in the same feminist commitments that motivate my research: critical and collaborative interrogation of knowledge production and ethical practices through which we understand, produce and unravel the complex and entangled world in which we live. My pedagogical practice has three main objectives:

  1. to provide engaging and collaborative spaces for active and critical learning.
  2. to develop critical thinking through assignments that focus on close reading and creative writing.
  3. to incorporate a diversity of voices and perspectives that broaden students’ academic and social abilities.


I have taught lower and upper-division courses in a variety of programs: Anthropology, Women & Gender Studies, American Studies, and Spanish.

Courses I envision teaching:

  • Warfare Underground: Mines and Humanitarianism Reconsidered
  • Everyday Warfare and Militarized Landscapes
  • Ethnographies of (Post-)conflict and Development
  • Technologies and Practices of Aid: Global Structures of Humanitarianism
  • Feminism, (un)armed conflicts, and humanitarianism.
  • Multispecies Relations: Race, Sex, and Animals
  • Anthropology of the Senses
  • Latin American Ethnographies

I’m working on future classes syllabi. You will find the link here soon.

For more on past teaching please see C.V.